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  • Prof. Dr. Essam Abdulaziz Sharaf


    Since establishment in 1998, Dr.Essam was named Chairman and reappointed after two consecutive political occupations (Minister of Transport & Prime Minister). Dr. Sharaf is a well-known figure not only on the political scale but also for his engineering achievements as he is currently Professor of Highway Engineering, college of engineering, Cairo University. He graduated from Cairo University (1975) and received his Master and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Purdue University, USA (1980, 1984, respectively). Dr. Sharaf is a member of several scientific and honorary national and international societies. The most important awards Dr. Sharaf received are:
     Three state awards from the Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology.
     A presidential medal of excellence from the president of Egypt.
     Man of the Year Award (Rafik El-Hariri award), Lebanon, 2006.
     The distinguished Engineer award, Purdue University, USA, 2005.
     Personality of the Year, International Road Federation, 2011.

  • Eng. Alaa Marouf Abd Elsamad

    Deputy Chairman

    In 1998, Eng. Marouf co-founded NAMAA Engineering Consultant and was a key player in the process of establishment. Under his directions NAMAA became recognized as one of the premier engineering consultant in Egypt, known for its ability to provide unique solutions for difficult projects. Eng. Alaa implemented the concept of partnering with clients and delivered successful projects through innovation and collaboration. Eng. Marouf has more than 24 years of heavy engineering experience. Directed many multifaceted transportation improvement projects, and has been involved in bridges serving highways, transit and traffic improvements. He holds a bachelor in Civil Engineering from Cairo University.

  • Eng. Aboul-Naga Zehairy

    Technical Director

    Eng. Zehairy joined NAMAA Board of Directors in 2009 following an acquisition in the trending industries in the local market. Eng. Abo EL Naga graduated as an architecture engineer from the University of Helwan in 1975. He has over 35 years of experience in the Planning, Architecture, and construction process industries with significant International exposure. Based in the North Africa and Middle East region over 30 years Eng. El Zohairy has worked with many of the emerging engineering companies and has been exposed continuously to the latest developing concepts in his area. He joined NAMAA to provide consultancy services to this sector and build strong team with significant planning and architecture capabilities.

  • Eng. Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim

    Non-Executive Director

    Eng. Ibrahim joined the board of directors in 2009 to enrich firm wide policies with his remarkable support. He has been involved in the laboratories processes at NAMAA since 1999 and lately was assigned the Cairo office management duties. He also served as managing director deputy and acted as one through periods of regional advisory assignment of the Managing director. He Holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Cairo University.

  • Eng. Mostafa Mohamed El-Hawary

    Non-Executive Director

    With focus on strategic planning support Eng. Mostafa has been selected to join the board in 2009. Eng. El-Hawary has more than 17 years of technological & engineering experience, managing and supervising various multifaceted activities, projects and programs. He has been involved in managing, planning, leading, developing, and maintaining integrated information systems and knowledge management solutions. He is a graduate from Cairo University and holds a Master of Science in civil Engineering.

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