Construction Management and Construction Supervision

Project management requires understanding all elements involved in a successful project - design, construction, purpose, stakeholders, and budget - and orchestrating these elements by applying the needed resources and knowhow.
NAMAA's very experienced staff has diverse technical and management skills. This enables us to develop, administer, and control mega construction projects. We are committed to help clients achieve targets and manage the uncertainties of construction. In the process, we have earned a reputation for excellence.
Construction management procedures start when NAMAA develops the contract documentation, proceeds with the bid, and handles the bidding negotiations until the contract is awarded. Then schedules the development and monitoring procedures within a complete contract administration plan that also includes cost control and change control budgeting.
Throughout the project's life, NAMAA monitors project deliverables in terms of quality, safety and conformity to specifications, ensuring the project is delivered exactly as planned. Our project management clients benefit from our proven expertise and mechanisms for actualizing complex projects. Our full-service capabilities in this domain are tailored to each project's specific needs.

Project Name:

Execution of the Regional Ring Road Phase 4 (sec. 1) with length of (5.5 Km).


Ministry of Military Production




The project starts from the Qalioubia drain to the border between Al-Qalioubia and Al-Sharkia provinces with approximate length of 5.5 km which includes:
Highway with Length of 5.5 km.
Six Tunnels.
Two Box Culverts.
Thirty four pipe Culverts (Diameter from 80 cm to 2 m).
Road Safety elements (New Jersey barriers, concrete slope protection, road marking, cat eyes and road signs).
Road works of the Toll Station, Four Gas Stations, rest area and the Administration buildings.
Gravel service Road both directions.

Services Performed:

Represent the National Authority for Military Production as a main contractor in all project Activities and meetings. Evaluation of the Sub-Contractors and choose the best among them for the interest of the main contractor with the coordination between them.
Design of all project elements.
Managing and leading the project team.
Resolving cross-functional issues at project level.
Providing status reports to the owner.
Perform a key role in project planning, budgeting and identification of resources needed.
Ensure that construction activities move according to predetermined schedule and hold regular status meetings with all the sub-teams.
Communicate effectively and Co-ordinate with all parties involved in the project, which include the designers, consultants, sub-contractors and the owner.
Maintain strict adherence to the quality and safety standards.
Ensure project documents are complete.
Identify the elements of project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims