Information Technology

At the present time, there isn’t any organization without information technology, and especially in the large and massive information and data quantum communities, pointing to how huge the information you lose control and processed accurately and quickly.
Information systems and information and communication technology in the company can provide solutions beyond human processing and its traditional regular way, using modern means of information that can be applied in many areas of technology, including: scientific research, finance and business, and the economy sector. Few of technology advantages of information technology: low economic cost and the ability to do many different areas of work in less time and less effort through the rules and regulations of the various information and using various programs.

Information Systems sector, information and communication technology offer solutions for the various parties aim to raise the degree of use of information technology and help to reduce the digital divide by working following axes:
  • Management Information Systems.
  • Creation and development of electronic infrastructure gate.
  • University e-learning networks Information.
  • Training in information technology.
  • Digital Library.

  • Information system sector at the company offers different solutions, including for example:
  • Database management systems.
  • Management information systems.
  • Decision support systems.
  • Question systems answer (factual) systems.
  • Information retrieval system or bibliographic information systems.

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