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Study and update the Existing system for Quality Control and Laboratories in Ministry of Transport - Study and Evaluate the Current situation of the system.
- Define the Latest Systems.
- Define the Needs.
- Setting the plan, Follow up, Evaluation.
Ministry of Transport – General Authority for Roads Bridges and Land Transport
Consultancy Services for Establishing advanced engineering Laboratories Phase 1:
- Study and Evaluate the Current situation of the system and the needs.
- Prepare the TOR, and Specifications for the new Equipment.
- Prepare the Required Training Courses.
Phase 2:
- Evaluate the Technical Proposals for the New Equipment.
- Supervising the operation phase.
- Prepare Forms and Programs for Different tests.
- Prepare Forms for Tests Procedures, Samples Handling.
General Nile Company for Roads Construction
Engineering Reports to Verify the strength of Different Types of Buildings (50 Reports) Performs Site and Lab. Tests, and analyze the Date to determine the Resistance of the building to carry horizontal and vertical loads. Owners

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