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Recently NAMAA Consult has established a specialized drafting unit. The EDU is specialized in professional shop drawings and specification. We can fairly assist on production of drawings for owners, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors, or fabricators. EDU has developed internal standards while it definitely can follow any international specifications. Also working with NAMAA Consult shall overcome Problems with design coordination, such as time consumption and ineffectiveness related to the current 2D paper-based process. EDU can provide an early conflict solving to increases correction the potential for errors in the field decrease. EDU started utilizing building information models (BIM) to facilitate assistance in coordination and clash detection processes, and allow for increased coordination and fewer field problems. We use specific professional methods for easy review and distribution of comments. We believe that facilitating quick review is an essential part of the approval process and mutually provide ample opportunity for comments. We provide shop drawings in various forms, depending upon the needed practice of the project.
In the following section, you will find samples of our work;

Structural Shop Drwaing Samples

Architectural Shop Drwaing Samples

Electrical Shop Drwaing Samples

Infrastructure Shop Drwaing Samples

Plumping & Fire Fighting Shop Drwaing Samples

HVAC Shop Drwaing Samples

Coordination Shop Drwaing Samples

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